Monday, November 5, 2012

Harvesting Honey (Part II)

How to Spin Gold

We’re hot, tired and sticky.  Yup that’s right we’re extracting honey!  What work, you couldn’t pay somebody enough to do this I thought and then it occurred to me…how would you write a help wanted ad for a Professional Honey Extractor…

Wanted Professional Honey Extractor

  • Seeking a person who has Popeye like arms and can crank an extractor or at least somebody who loves working their salad spinner.

  • Must have maintained a Bee average in school.

  • Jedi like skill in handling a hot uncapping knife.

  • Knows what an uncapping knife is.

  • Doesn’t mind the feeling of “walking around with gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe”.

  • Strong enough to lift 50 pound buckets of honey (the same amount required to send a full grown bull elephant into diabetic shock).

  • Thinks that getting stung is good for their allergies.

  • Has no allergies.

  • Understands that although honey bees fly over 55,000 miles to make 1 pound of honey, we offer no frequent flyer miles.

  • Appreciates the notion that the liquid gold that pours from the bee hive is more precious than any gold that people mine. 

Beautifully capped frame

 Taking off the wax cappings with electric heat knife

Close-up of wax cappings

Beautiful wax and honey

Honey pours from the extractor into the filter

Bountiful Harvest 

Honey goes well anywhere

Sunshine in a jar!

This wonderful food changes every year.  This year we have a light amber in the past we have gotten some as dark as molasses.

- Chris


Lauren Scheuer said...

Sweet, funny, fascinating! Thanks for the witty post.

Christopher Beeson said...

Congrats on your honey harvest!